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CrazyJap's FAQ
this guide was made for idlepimps.com back in 2005 and has been edited for use in pimpageddon

Beginner's Guide
First things first...sell your 1 thugs and move to amsterdam. Next you should have 5,200 dollars. You want to spend it all on crack and condoms. I say buy 1,000 condoms and the rest for crack. This way when you turn again, you won't lose hoes.

After you have spent your $5,200 go to the top right hand side of the main page and click "Turn Tricks". You want to start by turning 8 at a time for this way you get more for your money I guess you could say.

When you start out and turn 8 at a time, you get about 10-20 hoes and thugs. If you turned 50-100 at a time, you'd get maybe 30 of each. So like I said, "You get more for your money" :)

The first time you turn 8, you will only get a hundred dollars or so because you only have 1 hoe lol.

The second time you turn 8 you should get a few thousand dollars. Once again, buy condoms and crack.

You want to ALWAYS keep your hoes at 100% happiness because they can die or leave you.

Hoes are the ones that get you money. The more hoes, the more money you get when you turn tricks.

Hopefully I haven't lost you yet :)

After you have about 10-50k crack and 50k condoms, you will want to spend money on beer and weed which keep your thugs happy. If your thugs aren't happy, they will not fight for you.

You will want to buy ak-47's which are guns for your thugs to shoot. You will want to have about 1 ak per thug. So if you have 100 thugs, you want to have 100 ak's.


So, in summary:

Crack and condoms - Keep your hoes happy
Weed and Beer - Keep your thugs happy
Aks - Guns for your thugs
Lowriders - You can do drive-bys instead of home invasions. Doing this you should have 1 ride per 4 thugs. When you do drive-bys you loose less thugs and kill more thugs than you would during a home invasion

A home invasion is something you can do if you have a good amount of aks and have more thugs than someone else. You do this to attack a pimp. You can kill their thugs and take their money.

I hope I have explained it enough to get you started. I hope you appreciate the time I have taken to write this. It wasn't easy :)

Hope you enjoy! Happy pimping!

P.S. You won't get it that easily the first round. But hopefully you will get the hang of it and learn as time progresses.


How to find unhappies...
To find out whether or not somebody has unhappies is to first find out how much crack they have. So the formula:

NW - [ (hoes*250)+(thugs*1000)+(rides*1000) ]

**The values that you multiply by change throughout the rounds. Ask in the help forums on pimpageddon what the new values are.
This will only work if the person doesn't have any thugs. Also, if the person is sitting on money it won't work. However, most of the time the person isn't sitting on those, and the formula works 99% of the time. Now if they are sitting on some cash, you'll steal around 40 hoes or so. What you need to do is send less crack. Keep sending less until you steal a good amount of hoes.
That is to find out how much crack they have. It is the correct amount, unless their payout is set high.

Now, once you find out how much crack they have, you gotta find out if it's enough for the hoes to be happy. Each hoe needs 10 crack rocks. So, you take their amount of crack they have, and divide it by 10.

So if the number you just calculated is less than the number of hoes they have, they are unhappy. So you send 1 crack rock. UNLESS, their payout is set, you will not steal their hoes. And most of the time now-a-days people set their payouts. However, it never hurts to try sending 1 crack to see if you can get their hoes.

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What is the payout?
Well, as you can see on the main page of pimpageddon, you can set your payout.

When you first start your round of pimpageddon, it's automatically at 10%. Most people change it to 1% when they begin.

What the payout is, it's when you turn tricks, that's the percentage that your hoes get. So when it says:

"While turning trix for 1 turns. Your hoes made a total of $185,490 Their cut is $1,854."

So since my payout was set at 1%, my hoes recieved 1% of the money they made. You cannot set it at 0%, the lowest is 1%.

To keep your hoes happy, you need to have condoms, as well as at least 10 crack per hoe. So if you have 1,000 hoes, you need 10,000 crack to keep them happy. However, mess around w/ the payout. As you will see, you can have about 2,000 crack, and then set your payout to 100%. Then the hoes will be 100% happy.

People do this so that their networth will be lower, so when people try and zero them, the person trying to attack won't be able to get as low as you, thus they won't want to zero you in the first place.

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How do I gank?
Well, for starters, you need to have open multiple windows. To have multiple windows of pimpageddon, press and hold Cntl + n.

Now, there are many different ways of ganking. One way is to have a page open of "Attack Rankings". You should have a fairly fast computer to do this. Now, refresh the page manually w/ the key "F5". Press "F5" once, and wait like a second, then press it again, and so forth. If you just press it constantly and if you do it fast enough, the part you will be viewing will be the top of the page. So say you were refreshing in the middle of the rankings, and you pressed it extremely fast and then stopped, the page would jump back to the top. So, find out different intervals at when you should press "F5". Get it going fast enough so that the page loads and you can see who's in the rankings. Now, to gank, refresh the page continually, keeping in mind who are online at the time. Keep watching the ranks, until you see somebody with alot less thugs than everybody else around him. Once you see somebody just pop up from no where, click his name. Then select "Home Invasion" and click Enter.

If you were fast enough you should have gotten the money the player had, and have managed the art of "Ganking".

Now, another way to gank is to watch a specific person. Look in "City Rankings" usually towards the bottom of the ranks. Where people have about 10-20k thugs. If somebody is dropping another pimp, he'll usually end up w/ a hefty amount of hoes. Therefor, when he turns he'll make a bunch. So, you need three windows open for this. One window is opened up on the pimp you are attacking. Just type in his number on the main page. The second window you go to the main page, and click on "Attack Pimp".

Next click on "Home Invasion", then type in the pimps number at the bottom.

The third page have open up on idlemart, so if you do gank the person, you can spend the money quickly so YOU don't get ganked =)

Now, on the first window w/ the pimps stats and stuff on the page, refresh the page by pressing "F5". Watch where it says "You cannot attack this pimp!" Once it says "You CAN attack this pimp!" quickly click on the other window where it has Home Invasion and all, and press enter.

If you did gank his money, quickly go to the window w/ idlemart and type in an amount of whatever item you want, and click enter. Make sure you have enough money to buy whatever you just tried to purchase.

That should get you started. Experiment and learn different ways you like to do it. Hopefully this is enough to get you going =)
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