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Welcome to the Pimpageddon!
Pimpin' Likes It's 2001.

what is pimpageddon?
the retro model of community pimp themed gaming, built by enve to address the flaws of it's predecessors. the goal was to give the game back to the pimps, which it has. the tricks, the cheats, the 'favorites' have all been removed, the game is again in the hands of the players.

you'll play the role of pimp, try to expand your stable and power and win real money. the gameplay is extremely easy, so what's the challenge?
you'll find out when your pimps begin to interact...

pimpageddon has given out hundreds of dollars since the beginning.
we welcome you, and encourage you to give it a try!

The current prize for this round is $54.00!
Amount won since July 2019: $1542.00!

Congratulations to last round's winner: Shaq
Previous Games Top 100.
Welcome to Pimpageddon - A Retro Pimp Adventure

Pimpageddon is totally free to play! Come on in and build your own pimping empire. Invite your friends into your gang or wipe them out with drive-bys!

Current Free Round
Pimp Gang
1. (#22) Immortal Tekno4usRetired
2. (#5117) PEACEMAKER Tekno4usRetired
3. (#20) BtGangsta ThreeAmigos
4. (#4857) NightRider WulfPac
5. (#5306) Residentevil ---
6. (#5311) Tink ---
7. (#5320) Terdenes ---
8. (#5314) Mongachong ---
9. (#5315) KolbyKhami ---
10. (#5319) MyNutsRoastinOnAOpenFire ---
The current round will end in: 0 Day 12 Hours 20 Minutes and 22 Seconds
There are 9 pimps online now!
Game Clock: 10-30-20 02:39:38 am America/Chicago
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